Don Husack embarked on his homebuilding journey almost 50 years ago when he established Dawn Victoria Homes … continuing the legacy established in 1953 by Frank Husack and Sunshine Homes. Inheriting his father’s passion, Don stands at the forefront of new home construction combining cutting-edge technology with time-honored craftsmanship. And the mission remains the same, then and now … to create family homes that blend yesterday’s traditions with a vision for tomorrow … in well-crafted homes that stand the test of time.


Family By Family,
Home By Home.

When Don Husack branched off from Sunshine Homes to establish Dawn Victoria Homes he focused on building one home at a time … perfecting the design, craftsmanship and skills that would be the hallmarks of his new company. As his desire for exceptional quality and distinctive style increased, Don began to design and build entire communities. He soon adopted a collaborative approach working 1:1 with each family to address the unique needs and desires of his homebuyers. Today, the visions and dreams of clients, are at the heart of every Dawn Victoria home.


Dawn Victoria Homes

For almost 50 years, Dawn Victoria Homes has dedicated itself to meeting the desires and needs of new home buyers. Our unwavering commitment is to prioritize homebuyers above all else. We meticulously attend to details, meticulously plan, and provide superior customer service to ensure a seamless home buying experience. Our ultimate goal is to surpass your expectations and ensure that your new home not only meets your needs but exceeds them. Our focus is not on our own pride, but rather on creating a home that fills you with pride.

With Dawn Victoria Homes, you can expect a guided buying experience that encompasses quality craftsmanship, modern designs, a wide array of design and decor options, sophisticated elegance, and affordability. We partner with you every step of the way to bring your dream home to life.

From timeless exteriors to exquisite interiors, Dawn Victoria Homes has curated stylish single-family homes, contemporary townhomes, and unique condominiums that leave a lasting impression on the neighborhood. Our communities are built with the needs of the residents in mind, offering conveniences and amenities that homeowners desire. Take a stroll through one of our communities, and you’ll experience the homeowner pride and a strong sense of community that we foster.

Dawn Victoria Homes truly stands out from the rest. Your happiness and satisfaction serve as the greatest testament to the quality of our homes and the communities we build.